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Why Become a DesignerVista Reseller

DesignerVista GUI Mockup products are powerful, easy to use to design mockups for Windows Desktop Applications, Websites and Mobile Applications. All in one product suite. Our products are both competitive and affordable. DesignerVista has become a leading gui mockup tool with great support for convincing technology and competitive product. We know DesignerVista software will catch the eyes of users and customers worldwide, and help our resellers make larger profit margins.

Benefits of being a DesignerVista Reseller

As a reseller of DesignerVista Software, you will get:
  1. To sell all DesignerVista products: You can sell all DesignerVista software products.
  2. Unlimited profit: Product pricing for resellers is fixed, enabling you to sell unlimited copies of our products to your customers.
  3. Minimum requirements: All you need to do is send a formal Purchase Order(P.O) with end-user contact information to us by email.
  4. Instant after-sales support and service: Your customers will be supported immediately in the unlikely event where they have a problem using our products.
  5. Advertising included: With the purchase of DesignerVista products, you are entitled to be listed as a reseller on our website, where DesignerVista users can find your contact information for purchasing and support.

Reseller Agreement

Reseller Agreement (HTML Format)
Reseller Agreement (PDF Format)

Please read the agreement carefully and sign it if you agree to become a DesignerVista reseller

How to apply for being a reseller?

Step 1:
Email signed agreement to Also, please send us your company information and contact details.
Step 2:
You may get a reseller discount order link and related policy shortly after verification and confirmation from DesignerVista.
Step 3:
Now, you can order DesignerVista products on-line for your customers at any time. Your orders will be processed by DesignerVista immediately.

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