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Design high-fidelity and low fidelity mockup

  • Create and edit multiple mockup design pages and multiple documents. You can create multiple versions of mockup designs and save them in a document. You can also open and edit multiple mockup documents.
  • Copy mockup designs into another Program. You can cut, copy and paste your mockup designs to another application such as Microsoft Paint or Word.
  • Drag and drop Support. Create mockup designs by drag and drop controls from Shapes Explorer Window.
  • Notes Support. You can add or edit notes to a mockup page during brain storming sessions.
  • Wireframing Support. DesignerVista wireframing support is easy to use and add links from any control to any mockup page.
  • Support for both high fidelity and low fidelity mockup designs. DesignerVista mockup tool supports High-Fidelity mockups with Native Look and Feel and Low Fidelity mockups with custom look and feel.
  • Export mockup designs to HTML files for easy distribution. You can export all the mockup designs as HTML Files for easy distribution. Clients need not have to install DesignerVista to view the mockups in html pages.

Mockup document templates, page templates and themes

  • Mockup document templates. You can create mockup document template for reusable mockup designs. DesignerVista mockup tool comes with huge number of predesigned mockup templates, so that you don't have to start from scratch.
  • Mockup page templates. You can refer one mockup page from another mockup page. Changes made in the source mockup page will be displayed in all the referred mockup pages. It is a great time saver.
  • Mockup theme support. DesignerVista mockup tool supports many themes such as Vista, Plain, Sketch etc. User can customize existing mockup themes or create new one from existing mockup themes.
  • Microsoft office ribbon style mockup designs. DesignerVista supports to create mockups of Microsoft Office Ribbon style desktop applications.
  • Sketch mockup - Low-Fidelity Design. DesignerVista supports Low-Fidelity mockup designs (Independent of Look and Feel mockup themes).

Windows 8 desktop mockup

Desktop mockup controls

DesignerVista mockup tool supports to design windows, dialogs, dockable windows, collapsible panes, tables, trees, floor tabbed pane, Outlookbar Tabbed Panes, FlowList, Ribbon Tab, Ribbon Panels, icons, cursors, panels, borders, calculator, calendar, split buttons, theme panels, font name listbox, font size listbox, zoom listbox, menubar, menus, toolbars, toolbar buttons and more mockup design controls are supported.

Office 2013 ribbon style mockup designs

Office 2013 Ribbon Style mockup controls

DesignerVista mockup tool supports to design Ribbon Bar, Quick Toolbar, Context Tab, Menu, Ribbon Panels, Buttons, Scrollable Panel, Windows etc.

Website mockup tool

Website mockup controls

DesignerVista mockup tool supports to design web page, logo, links, captcha, coverflow, tag cloud, copyright texts, image placeholder, tab, navigation panel, square/rounded buttons, section header, tab content panels, glossy web buttons, web menu bars, web navigation menus, panels and more mockup controls.

Web forms mockup tool

Web Forms mockup templates

Billing address form, shipping address, credit cards, payment form, contact us, sign-in form, store locator, check-out form, thumbnails, classified forms, icons, images and pictures. more than 2000 icons, images and pictures such as open folder icon, computer image, charts, media player, maps etc.

Edit mockup designs

  • Undo/Redo. You can undo or redo edit actions in a mockup page.
  • Arbitrary zoom support. You can zoom-in to get closer view or zoom out to get better overview of designs in a mockup page.
  • Mockup page customization. Customize mockup page properties such as background color, marquee color, grids etc.

Customize mockup controls

  • Gradient, Texture, Preset and Pattern Backgrounds support. You can change background of a mockup control using solid colors, gradient, texture patterns.
  • Pattern Lines. Customize line properties such as style, thickness and patterns in a mockup control.
  • Borders, Shadow, Glossy Background, Image. Supports different types of borders, shadow, glossy background and lots of images and icons to design mockups quickly.

Mobile and tablet mockup

Blackberry mockup, iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and Android mockup controls

Blackberry mockup, iPhone, windows phone 8 and android mockup controls.

Sketch mockup controls

Sketch mockup Controls

Desktop, web, mobile, flowchart and uml sketch mockup designs.

Mockup image and text

  • Inline Text editing. Inline text editing for single-line edit control is supported.
  • Random Text Support. You can insert random text (lorem ipsum) in a mockup page instead of typing or copying from other sources. You can insert paragraphs, sentences, words and lists on a single click.
  • Support Icons, Images and Pictures. DesignerVista comes with lots of toolbar icons and images to prepare mockup design.
  • Image Resize. You can resize an image or keep the original image size or fit to mockup control size.
  • Save mockup as image. You can save mockup design as image file. PNG, JPEG, GIF image formats are supported.

Layout mockup controls

  • Group and Ungroup mockup conrols. You can group two or more controls and ungroup them.
  • Mockup controls z-order position. You can bring overlapped mockup controls to front or send them to back.
  • Controls Position and Alignment support. You can align mockup controls vertically and horizontally.
  • Simple mockup dialog layout management. You can create simple dialog layout by a click on toolbar button to arrange the controls in a mockup page.

Flowchart mockup

Flowchart mockup controls

Flowcharts, network, organizational charts, project management, sitemaps and screen ui mockups.

UML, Booch, ER and OMT Mockup

UML, Booch, ER and OMT sketch mockups

UML, Booch, ER and OMT sketch mockups. Usecase diagrams, class diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, deployment diagrams and screen ui mockup.

UI Spec and Reports

  • UI Spec Report. You write UI Spec for mockup controls, mockup page and mockup documents and generate UI Spec report in HTML.
  • Notes Report. Compile all the notes you have added in mockup designs and generate a report.
  • Save all mockup pages as images. You can save all mocku ppages as images in PNG, JPEG and GIF format.
  • Save current mockup page as image. You can quickly save current mockup page as image in PNG, JPEG and GIF format.

Mockup print and preview

  • Scalable Printing and Print Preview of mockup designs You can print the mockup design either 1:1 scale or scale down for larger designs.
  • Customizable print options, mockup page header and footer. Customize mockup page header and footer contents.

Mockup Shapes

Mockup Shapes Controls

Rounded rectangle, circle, ellipse, triangle, star, cylinder, parallelogram, diamond, octagon, trapezoid, hexagon, oblong and more shapes to design mockups.

Annotate mockup Designs

Mockup Annotations

Callouts balloons, brackets, braces, arrow lines etc.

Table mockup Controls

Table mockup Controls
  • Import Excel data. You can import Table data from Excel.
  • Support for Checkbox, Radiobutton columns. You can insert checkbox, radiobutton, command button, images etc. in each cell.
  • Support for Random text and Sequence Numbers. You can insert random text( lorem ipsum) and Sequence Numbers in the table cells.
  • Link from a cell to a mockup Design. You can attach a link to a mockup design from a cell.
  • Mockup table styles. DesignerVista mockup tool comes with a set of predefined table styles.


Tree Controls
  • Import XML data. You can import XML file contents into a tree control.
  • Import File and folder names. You can import file and folder names from local File System into tree nodes.
  • Support for Checkbox, Radiobutton nodes. You can insert checkbox, radiobutton, command button, images etc. in each node.
  • Link from a node to a GUI Design. You can attach a link to a GUI Design from a node.

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