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DesignerVista - GUI Mockup Software

DesignerVista GUI mockup tool

DesignerVista is a powerful, easy to use mockup tool to quickly design mockup for Windows Desktop Applications, Websites and Mobile Applications. All in one product suite. DesignerVista mockup tool supports both High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Sketch mockups (Independent of look and feel) to flesh out requirements in early stages of software development.

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JunoRestClient - Free Software

Create, Organize and Test your REST api quickly

JunoRestClient, the professional rest client tool to create and test your REST API quickly. It is a free software. Key features including Wizard Support to add REST Services, Script and Test Cases, Property Transfer using groovy script, Drag and drop to organize API requests into groups and subgroups and so on.

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JarNavigator - Jar Viewer Tool

JarNavigator - Jar Viewer Tool

JarNavigator is a Jar Viewer tool to view the Java classes and their relationships with other classes, interface and enums. It is the easiest way to view classes, methods, properties, etc. inside a jar file.

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JShapes - Java Shapes Library

Java shapes library

Java Graphics 2D API provides the basic shapes like Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse etc, but is not enough. Your java applications or components may require more custom shapes like Rounded Corner Buttons, Oblong, Stars,Folders etc. You know that it requires lots of time and energy to calculate coordinates and draw custom shapes. JShapes provides an elegant solution for drawing these custom shapes requirements.

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RealStickyNotes - Free

RealStickyNotes - Stick anywhere on the screen

Real Sticky Notes is a simple, efficient, fast, easy-to-use software, with which you can create personal notes on Windows Desktop screen. You can virtually stick these compact notes anywhere on your desktop. It is a free software.

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TextToPDF - Convert text to PDF File

Convert text to pdf software

TextToPDF is a text conversion software to convert text to pdf files. Use TextToPDF software to convert any text files(reports, bills, receipts, emails, old text etc) to Acrobat PDF file format. Batch processing feature helps you to quickly convert multiple text files to PDF files. You can also convert clipboard text to pdf file.

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