DesignerVista software is used by project managers, business analysts, information architects, usability experts, IT consultants and developers from small consulting firms to corporate organizations to propose solutions to clients and stakeholders and to communicate designs to development teams. Our customers include IT professionals and industries in various areas, and they span the globe.

DesignerVista a solid and cost-efficient tool

Our company design, build and implement software for customers mainly overseas. In a scenario like ours is essential to speed-up the communication process to get things done. We found in DesignerVista a solid and cost-efficient tool that helps us to build excellent prototypes and wireframes in a snap with its rich and easy to use interface. Using DesignerVista helps us to minimize the discussion, which allows us to focus in the problem resolution process for our customers, saving time and money and allowing us to deliver better products. Claudio Carvajal Z.
Executive Director
BSE Tecnología y Gestión

DesignerVista aid tremendously in the development lifecycle by creating truly usable mockups

We are a wholesale printing company with branded technology tools available for some of our larger clients. The Web GUI Mockup tools from DesignerVista aid tremendously in the development lifecycle by creating truly usable mockups ensuring clear direction for software engineers to get it right on the first pass. The real value proposition DesignerVista software offers us is being able to load our own branded elements into libraries, getting the exact look and feel from the beginning before writing code even starts. Organizing page element libraries by client becomes key to efficient development workflows. Joan Kinnischtzke
Director of eCommerce
Navitor, a wholesale printing company

DesignerVista offers more than just the basic goodies

I´am certainly no programmer or graphics artist but with DesignerVista I am helping our company leap forward with our new software development. It took very little time to find all the "goodies" like, icons, panels, windows, bar menus, etc. And it offers more than just the basic goodies, there are lots of extra items to pick from in each category.
Thank you for making not only this software but selling it for a reasonable price! Terry Miller
Activity Software

Excellent Tool for rapid prototype development

DesignerVista is an excellent tool that allows for rapid prototype development. I have been able to design several complex page design templates in a fraction of the time it would take me to do them in HTML. The ability to drag and drop pre-built web and Windows controls onto a page allows me to change my prototypes on the fly based on the feedback I receive from stakeholders. Several people have been very impressed with the quality of the work produced using DesignerVista. Doug Watt
Product Development Manager
Zedi Inc

DesignerVista uses native UI components, very close to the final result after coding

Making mockups has never been so easy and fast than with DesignerVista. The software has, without any doubts, changed my work as an usability engineer. UI prototypes iterations are so much faster and so much more time efficient. Plus DesignerVista uses native UI components, therefore the mockups are very close to the final results after coding. The best part is that the DesignerVista dev team is really aware of usability problems and is making great efforts to improve the software after user feedback, the greatest challenge being to be able to satisfy some of the hardest users, the UI designers and usability engineers. DesignerVista is definitively my favorite mock-up software and I'm recommending it to anyone that has an user interface to design and test. Thibaut DUPRE
Usability Engineer
Air France-KLM, France

To quickly build prototype screens for Web

Your software is awesome. It makes my PM life so easier to quickly build prototype screens for web apps to design and explain requirements to my offshore team and to clients. Creating screens for web apps is matter of minutes and they look very professional. Thanks for making such a great and useful product. I already recommended to few of my friends. Varma Bhupatiraju
Project Manager
Suma Software Inc

Quick and Easy to use for Windows based UI designs

It's a great tool, one of the best that I have used. DesignerVista has many of the features that are required for UI mockups, logical grouping of shapes makes it quick and easy to use for windows based UI designs. I have used it almost daily since purchasing. Keep up the good work. John Minnick
Product Management, Integrated Products

Export to HTML-file for a Quick Presentation

On one hand the tool gives me the chance to create for the customer professional screens (mockups) in a easy way. Especially the export to html-file for a quick presentation gives the tool a fantastic look. On the other hand it gives an exact idea for the developer how the application/web portal/tool should look like and decrease working hours a lot.;)

Thanks. Great tool!! Xaver Horat
Seonix AG, Switzerland (Leading Provider for Telecom Expense Management Solution)

Effective tool for collaboration

What I enjoy most about your product is what an effective tool it makes for collaboration. As a Product Manager, I can sit with the various stakeholders for a product and interactively lay out the user interface. These images can then in turn be handed off to the development team, who now have a defined starting point from which to begin the implementation. I have used this approach on a number of occasions, and in every case, it has made the process not only more productive, but also more enjoyable. Jim Edwards
Software Product Manager, Scientific Instruments Division

To create quality GUI screen designs in a reasonable time

We all know time in design saves time in development. We tried many options to create quality GUI screen designs in a reasonable time and DesignerVista came out on top. Sam Howley

Nice GUI Design Mockup tool

More than once in consulting work, I've needed a tool to quickly mockup user interfaces to help client envision the screen interactions, data structures, and/or overall look-and-feel of a proposed system that I'm helping define requirements for. As I've seen it, the solutions to do that are basically limited to: 1) Photoshop (Fireworks, GIMP, etc) 2) Actually creating the screen in an IDE like Delphi, VB, or whatever, or 3) Visio, using the shapes intended for UI design. Read More..." Cass McNutt
Software Development Manager

Effective Prototyping Tool

DesignerVista has been an effective prototyping tool for us allowing us to validate customer needs in a cost and time effective manner. Paul Baier

Easy to use tool for exploring UI options

DesignerVista is a great, easy to use tool for exploring UI options and is much easier and faster than any other tool that I have come across. Charles Ewen
United Kingdom

DesignerVista is very intuitive

It's very intuitive. I was designing complex Windows apps in about five minutes. Rick Hafenbredl
Director, Client and Product Services
Sigma Systems, Inc.

Tremendous number of controls and widgets

I think DesignerVista´s greatest attribute is the tremendous number of controls, widgets, clip art, icons, etc. available right in the application. Practically anything you might want to put on a screen is already available, and in high quality art. I think it is a very easy-to-use and useful product. Anonymous User

Low cost and great results

In fact DesignerVista is a low cost tool that presents great results. My customer was impressed with the realism of the prototypes (to see examples). Congratulations for the product... Alysson M. Borgs

DesignerVista helps to visualize ideas

DesignerVista similar look and feel to the Delphi and Visual Studio makes creating application templates quick and easy. Give customers example screen shots of application to help visualize ideas. Love It! Tristan Marlow
Software Developer
Little Earth Solutions

Awesome product and for the price it was too good pass up

What is critical in software development when using outsource resources is finding a way to communicate not only verbally but visually, DesignerVista gave us that. It also greatly cut down on development costs associated with planning since we can do the entire mock-up screens in house on the fly. Even when brain storming we find this to be a critical tool in laying out the ideas. Awesome product and for the price it was too good pass up. Jay Wong
JW and Associates LLC

DesignerVista is very intuitive and easy to use

First, let me say that I am very pleased with DesignerVista and am excitedly exploring version 1.2. I am a certified usability engineer responsible for designing and revamping the graphical user interface for a major government system. What DesignerVista has allowed me to do is to optimize my design layout skills without requiring software development or graphic artists skills. It has an enormous and growing repository of web and software application design "widgets" that I can layout, manipulate, and customize to create highly usable and efficient user interfaces.

Speaking as a usability engineer, DesignerVista is very intuitive and easy to use. It also allows me to create my own icons from it's library. It has also greatly improved how I am developing our UI specification. Prior to DesignerVista, I would hand-hack a design and ask the developers to code it. Then once the code was refined and finalized, we would create screenshot to be included in the UI spec. With DesignerVista, I can create the design myself much faster, include the screenshot, and then hand the design to the developers to code. DesignerVista is an excellent, reasonably priced product that has increase my efficiency and productivity immensely. Howard E. Eaton, III, M.S., CHFP
Human Factors Engineer, LSIE

Saves my time

Before DesignerVista, it was hard to relay and design software enhancement solutions in a visual format without using time consuming tools. This application has sped up my productivity considerably. I enjoy the interface that DesignerVista offers and its time saving features. I design my ideas in DesignerVista, define additional requirements not visual until now and present my work in clean, crisp fashion giving all stakeholders a clear understanding of the proposed feature enhancement. DesignerVista has helped me become a better software engineer. Kris Peterson
IDEXX Cornerstone Business Analyst
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.

Quick prototype tool

Using designer Vista helped us achieve a 4-month turn around on a project that would normally have taken 8 or 9 months to complete. It was awesome. Steve Palmer

Very impressed

I just tried the demo and was very impressed! Having done Visual Studio GUIs in the past, there was so much programming behind the scenes that it discouraged creativity in the GUI design; DesignerVista removes all of those barriers!. Sam Mallicoat

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