What is mockup?

Mockup is a user interface design that shows the end user or client what the software will look like without having to build the software or the underlying functionality. Mockups can range from very simple hand drawn screen layouts, through realistic bitmaps, to semi functional user interfaces developed in a software development tool.

What is mockup tool?

Mockup tool is an application that allows you to design user interface of a software. It is more like a drawing software but focus on GUI screenshots. Mockup tool will allow you to share the mockup designs with other applications such as Microsoft Paint.NET, Word etc.

What are the benefits of mockup?

  • Provides valuable feedback about functionality of the system in very early stages of development.
  • Mockup is inexpensive as you can alter the design many times with less effort.
  • Mockup improves the communication among stakehorders.
  • Mockup does not require coding skills.
  • Promotes creativity through rapid development.
  • Mockup designs will reduce problems and rework later in the project.
  • Easier to modify the mockup design than changing the code.

Sample mockup design demo

Demonstrates how to use designervista mockup tool to design a simple dialog gui.

Sample mockup designs

Application GUIWindows 8 mockupWindows 8 Metro mockupOffice Ribbon mockupWebsite mockupMobile mockupSketch mobile mockupSketch desktop mockupSketch Web mockupSketch flowchart mockupSketch UML mockupMockup Annotations

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