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DesignerVista is a powerful, easy to use quick mockup tool to create

  • Desktop Application Mockups ( Windows, .NET, Office Ribbon, Java Swing and Java SWT )
  • Website and Web Application Mockups ( Websites, Silverlight, SharePoint and YUI )
  • Mobile Application Mockups ( Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 )
  • Look and Feels ( Sketch, Native, Office Ribbon and Custom Look and Feels )
  • Flowchart and UML Mockup

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One-Off License Fee. No annual maintenance cost.
Desktop,Web and Mobile mockups bundled in one product.
Free Upgrade for minor versions!

Are you looking for a Quick Mockup Tool?

You are most welcome to try DesignerVista Mockup Tool to create mockups for Desktop, Websites and Mobile Applications

DesignerVista is a powerful, easy to use quick mockup tool to design mockups for Windows Desktop Applications, Websites and Mobile Applications. All in one product suite. DesignerVista runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. The mockup tool is very intuitive. No Coding or mockup design experience is required.

DesignerVista mockup tool supports both High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Sketch mockups (Independent of look and feel) to flesh out requirements in early stages of software development.

Mockup Tool Key Features

Quick mockup design

  1. Design professional quality mockup using tremendous number of native controls, widgets, clip art, icons, etc. available right in the mockup application. Practically anything you might want to put on a mockup screen is already available in this mockup tool, and in high quality art.

  2. Easy to share mockup designs Save mockup as HTML and PDF files and distribute them to your clients or stakeholders. Save mockup designs as Image files and use them in Presentation programs such as Microsoft Powerpoint.

  3. Copy mockup into other applications: You can easily copy and paste mockup designs as images into other applications such as Microsoft Paint.NET, Word, Powerpoint programs etc.

  4. Save design time using mockup page templates: Put the common elements into a mockup template page and link this mockup page from other mockup pages. No need to copy common elements into every mockup page.

  5. Quickly insert random text without typing On a single mouse click, insert random text (lorem ipsum), paragraphs, sentences and words into a mockup page without typing.

  6. Mockup themes: Visualize mockup in various themes such as Vista mockup theme, sketch, plain etc. You can customize existing mockup themes or create new ones.

  7. Mockup templates: DesignerVista comes with more than 1000 mockup templates for Desktop, Web, Mobile and Sketch mockup designs. You don't have to start a mockup design from scratch.


"I am certainly no programmer or graphics artist but with DesignerVista I am helping our company leap forward with our new software development. It took very little time to find all the "goodies" like, icons, panels, windows, bar menus, etc. And it offers more than just the basic goodies, there are lots of extra items to pick from in each category. Thank you for making not only this software but selling it for a reasonable price!"

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DesignerVista Products

Write UI spec

  1. Write UI spec for various sections (For example, menu bars, navigation panel, work space etc.) of mockup and generate an ui spec report in html. you can describe properties, events, actions, scenarios, keyboard shortcuts and more.

  2. You can also add UI specs for the mockup screenshots generated from third party mockup tool.

  3. Write notes:Add notes for developers or some info to a mockup page while sitting in brainstorming sessions. You can compile all the notes and generate a report.

Wireframing or click through prototyping

  1. Easy to set up a link from any mockup control to any mockup page and simulate the workflow.

  2. Easily distribute mockup as HTML files: You can quickly create mockup designs in HTML with links. Your client or end users need not have to install DesignerVista to see the workflow.

  3. Slide show: Slide show feature of DesignerVista mockup tool puts the control in your hands to create great looking and high-impact mockup presentations.

Benefits of using DesignerVista mockup tool

Unleash your creativity

  • DesignerVista makes mockup design a real pleasure. Easy and intuitive to use, powerful and productive.
  • DesignerVista mockup tool provides a quick, easy way to build mockup screens or panels of visual components. Add user interface mockup elements that don't even exist yet.
  • Design what you want without the restrictions of any development environment such as Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, IntelliJ, Eclipse etc.
  • You can rapidly draw mockup screens with an easy to use extensive set of mockup controls.

Satisfy and excite users

  • Quickly mockup multiple alternatives for evaluation.
  • Easier to duplicate, change and distribute than paper and pencil mockup designs.
  • Visual mockup design without coding is accessible to everyone.
  • DesignerVista software prototyping capabilities make it faster to develop and communicate user interface designs to everybody in the team.

Save time and money

  • DesignerVista mockup tool helps you to develop clear mockup designs, which will reduce problems and rework later in the project. Less rework results in shorter development cycles and lower costs.
  • You can create mockup design before start writing code. It is easier to modify the mockup design than changing the code.
  • You'll find that DesignerVista mockup tool quickly pays back its cost in improved quality mockup design.

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